Contest: What’s your favourite tea from 2017?

Our American and Canadian tea subscription friends tasted 47 teas in 12 tea boxes last year.

Last year, our loyal subscribers from the United States and Canada savoured 47 different teas delivered in 12 tea boxes and we’d like to know what were your favourites.

From Seattle to Raleigh, Vancouver to Toronto, you tasted the best teas the world had to offer. The creamy, smooth and decadently floral Organic Lavender Cream, the strong blend of straight Ceylon and rich Assam teas in the 1894 Select Orange Pekoe, and the sweet and tart Fruit Basket. We know you had many great teas last year, and it’s easy to forget what you had, but don’t fret! We keep an archive of what we delivered last year. 

I’d love me a free tea box

Let’s hear what you enjoyed the most. Tell us which tea you liked best and why, and we’ll rank the entries. If your favourite tea appears in the top five of the list, we’ll send you a free tea box!

Limit of two entries per subscribers. Closing date is Feb. 2, 2018.

Enter the contest here.

An introduction to Tea Sparrow

Tea Sparrow was born of our family’s love for tea. Tasting it, smelling it, sharing it…Yum!

To us, Tea Sparrow is a fun flight of fancy in a box, with some of our most playful and passionate conversations taking place over these blends. We have quested and befriended tea sommeliers, blenders and farmers in the pursuit of truly great tea experiences. With no affiliation to blenders, we have tasted hundreds of teas, chosen the blends that inspire us, and shared them with you.

We do this by having our team of tea connoisseurs and sommeliers sample and score the teas for look, region, aroma and of course, taste. We take pride in delivering a variety of world-class blends to your door every month.

We have created this blog to share our journey through the beautifully complex international tea industry. We started our project back in January of 2012. So we’re going to start our blog post retroactive to that date and then quickly bring us to speed.

So, welcome to the Tea Sparrow family! We would love to hear about your favourite teas and tea experiences, and would be tickled if you shared with us here or at

Michael Menashy and the Tea Sparrow Team