How To Make Loose Leaf Tea

How To Make Loose Leaf Tea

Have you discovered the freshness and bold flavor of loose leaf tea? Well, if you buy your tea in the form of tea bags, then it's not loose leaf tea. Tea bags contain finely cut tea that requires no preparation. Just steep them in hot water and drink. There's nothing wrong with tea bag tea. In fact, tea bags are very convenient. They're pre-measured, mess-free, and no-hassle. Loose leaf tea contains much bigger chunks and more preparation. Plus, with loose leaf tea, you have to strain it to keep the leaves out of your drink.

The smell of loose leaf tea is amazing, and loose leaf tea is so much fresher than tea bag tea. Still, not everyone knows how to make loose leaf tea, even though the process is very simple. Tea Sparrow will help you with this, and we have premium tea leaves you can buy on our website and have them delivered to your door each month.

You Need a Teapot and Strainer

Lots of modern teapots already have the strainer it. These are great because you get a teapot and a strainer in one appliance - two for one! However, if you want to make loose leaf tea the old-fashioned way (which is most tea drinkers' preferred method), you can get single strainers. There are vintage strainers, clip strainers, fine strainers, and more. You can grab one at your local Goodwill store for about a dollar or two.

Brewing Specifications

When you buy tea from Tea Sparrow, not only do you get tea conveniently shipped to your door each month; not only do you get unbeatable tea prices; not only do you a vast selection of tea, including tea bags and loose leaf tea; you also get instructions telling you how long and at which temperature to brew your tea. These two factors are crucially important to get the taste just right.

Although each kind of tea has its own brewing specifications, as a rule of thumb, you usually want about one heaping teaspoon per person. One teaspoon of tea leaves is usually good for one-and-a-half to two cups, depending on how strong you like your brew. Pour the hot water over the leaves, and let it brew for about four minutes. Next, use your strainer and pour the freshly brewed tea from the teapot into the teacup using the strainer as a sieve to catch and hold any chunks of tea leaves floating in the tea. Pour slowly. Don't throw the leaves in the strainer away. They can be used again. Put them back into the teapot and enjoy another bit of tea.

Get Ready to Taste the Best Tea You've Ever Tasted

Remember, don't burn yourself! Let the tea cool down in your cup before you taste it. If you are accustomed to drinking tea bag tea, you will be blown away at how delicious your loose leaf tea is. It doesn't get any better! That's how to make loose leaf tea. Additionally, you can treat it the same as you would any other tea. You can add sugar, milk, cream, a dash of cinnamon, ice, whatever you like. The flavor and the freshness will convert you to a full-fledged loose leaf tea drinker.

How To Make Loose Leaf Tea
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