Loose Leaf Tea Subscription

Loose Leaf Tea Subscription

Tea is a wonderful beverage that can warm and comfort you any time of the day. Tea is a universally loved drink that is widely popular around the world. If you or someone you know enjoys tea, consider a loose leaf tea subscription. A loose leaf tea subscription provides you with a monthly box of sample teas to taste and enjoy.

About Our Loose Leaf Tea Blends

We work hard to ensure that we bring you the very best tea blends possible each month. Our loose leaf tea subscription includes four different sample varieties, one from each type of tea including green, black, rooibos and herbal.

Our tea blends are special and unique. Our expert team reviews many different tea blend submissions from the finest tea blenders in the world. We taste and try each tea until we find the perfect ones for our loose leaf tea subscription box. Only the best teas are used in our boxes. We taste hundreds of different teas until we choose the ones that are best for our monthly tea subscription.

All of the teas we choose are completely natural and do not contain any artificial ingredients. The reason is simple. We don’t want artificial ingredients to ruin the flavor of the tea and we want to ensure that our teas can be enjoyed by everyone, even those who might have food sensitivities to artificial ingredients. You will find information about each tea blend included with the box as well as on our website. We provide details about each of our featured teas for the month.

Each of the blends is a taste treat and a wonderful nod to the season in which you receive the tea box. For example, we chose an autumnal rooibos tea for our fall loose leaf tea subscription box. You will enjoy each of the tea samples that are included in your box. There is enough tea to make more than 30 cups of tea.

Monthly Tea Subscription

Our monthly tea subscription makes a great gift or is ideal for your own pleasure. You will look forward to receiving your tea box in the mail each month. You may opt for a 1 month, 3 month, 6 month or monthly subscription tea box.

People have been raving about the teas that we have chosen for each of our tea boxes. You will be able to steep a cup of tea of each of the four tea blends that we provide so you can choose your favorite. There is no better way to sit back and relax than with a cup of hot tea.

Tea subscriptions make the perfect holiday gift idea. You can give the gift of a one-time tea box or a full subscription. Tea boxes are fun and unique gifts because the recipient will love receiving a new box of tea each month of their subscription. It will make them think of you every time they brew a cup of specially-blended tea. Order a subscription for yourself or for a friend today.

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