April’s teas have been delivered, enjoy!

Has spring sprung? Or is it still springing? Some of you may still be wondering...will it ever spring? As I write this, here in Vancouver bare brown branches and wet, grey skies surround us. But who cares? We are drinking pear pieces and marigold flowers, people! Hibiscus and rose hips! Pineapple, mango and papaya! You might already be able to smell this month's green tea (a blend of 2 green teas and pear pieces) from the sealed pouch - it's that good! Our other custom blend this month is one of the two completely shameless fruit blends: Organic Blueberry, riding the perfect balance between sweet and tart and made even better with a touch of honey and slightly cooled. Did someone say 'iced tea'? Nunshen brings us the other herbal: Organic Hawaii Cocktail. Why waste money on vacation? We are bringing the tropics to you. Finally, the black tea this month is a throwback to an old favourite, Murchie's 1894 Select Orange Pekoe. We're not sure what went down in 1894 but apparently it was delicious. Happy spring sipping! *To our Canadian peeps: we are now aware that Nunshen’s website is having problem’s taking orders from Canada. If you'd like to order more please contact us at [email protected]..and hopefully we haven't finished our stash yet.


I just received my first box of tea. WOW! They smell amazing. I'm just brewing my first choice. I'm hooked.

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C Dey

Amazing selection of teas each month and phenomenal customer service!

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I was looking for a way of trying new teas without having to do a ton of research or driving to a dozen tea stores. Tea Sparrow delivers! I have especially enjoyed the rooibos teas.

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I love the teas that I get every month. Such a great way to explore a wide range of teas. This would be a great gift for friends and family.

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Teas chosen by Tea Sparrow are always the finest. The flexibility linked with the boxes (you can pause your subscription and start it again with ease) makes this service extremely convenient. It is a small local company from Vancouver and it is exciting to drink their teas.

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Tea Sparrow delivers tea in a way that reminds me of being a little kid and getting a letter in the mail...Each tea was fresh and rich and I was left feeling like I held a secret about what Vancouver really has to offer for tea.

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I love the selections Tea Sparrow mails to my door each month. They are high quality and each month has a special theme. I've had a subscription since the summer and thoroughly enjoyed making iced teas for my sister and I to enjoy.

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